Q is the photographer you have been searching for.

I love telling people stories through my camera. It's usually a love story about a boy and a girl, and one of the biggest day in their life! Some stories are romantic, some are heartwarming and some are funny. Each story is unique so I tell every story with all my heart. Give me a chance. Let me tell people your beautiful story.

Q's philosophy in photography.

To me, photography is not just about posing/staging and get some nice shots out of it. I expect more from my work. I wan it to be not only beautiful but also meaningful. I want my photos to be alive and tell you stories. I want it to fill your heart with joy, happiness and love. In order to do so, I always try my best to capture the natural interaction, the emotion, the sparkles, and the love when it happens. Those are the key elements to make the photos meaningful. And after 10 years, 20 years, every time you look at it, it brings you back in time and feel those amazing moments again. 

Why Q?

Because I am the photographer you have been searching for. What I offer is the best photos at the most affordable rate with the best service. I often tell my client that I am an artist who wants the whole world to see my work. I am not a greedy businessman who only cares about money (and trust me, there are plenty out there). I don't put fancy package on my products and talk you into paying more than what you expected. On the contrary, I lower my price range so more people can experience Q's service. It only because I think my work is awesome so I want more people to see my work. You will feel completely comfortable when doing business with me. You will feel my sincere and honest.

What makes Q different than other photographers is that he is a true talented artist who shows expertise in every photography field such as landscape, portrait, wedding, etc. Take a look at Q's work. The photo will speak for itself.